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TOEFL iBT Listening Topics

The content of the lectures and conversations are presented in introductory level academic settings. Lecture topics cover a broad range of subjects. You will not be expected to have any prior knowledge of the subject matter. All the information you need to answer the questions will be contained in the Listening passage. The lists below are provided to give you an idea of the topics that typically appear in the Listening section. Knowing the area of lectures can help you find the proper vocabulary set of each category and get ready for a better understanding of related lectures. In general these topics are divided into four major categories:
(We will upload word sets of some of these categories in a short notice. Stay tuned)

I. Arts          IILife Science       IIIPhysical Science        IVSocial Science

I. Arts IILife Science 

- Architecture

- Industrial design/art

- City planning

- Crafts: weaving, knitting, fabrics, furniture, carving, mosaics, ceramics, etc.

- Folk and tribal art

- Cave/rock art

- Music and music history

- Photography

- Literature and authors

- Books, newspapers, magazines, journals

- Extinction of or conservation efforts for animals and plants

- Fish and other aquatic organisms

- Bacteria and other one-celled organisms

- Viruses

- Medical techniques

- Public health

- Physiology of sensory organs

- Biochemistry

- Animal behavior, e.g., migration, food foraging, defensive behavior
- Habitats and the adaptation of animals and plants to them
- Nutrition and its impact on the body
- Animal communication

IIIPhysical Science IVSocial Science

- Weather and atmosphere

- Oceanography

- Glaciers, glacial landforms, ice ages

- Deserts and other extreme environments

- Pollution, alternative energy, environmental policy

- Other planets’ atmospheres

- Astronomy and cosmology

- Properties of light, optics

- Properties of sound

- Electromagnetic radiation

- Particle physics

- Technology of TV, radio, radar

- Math

- Chemistry of inorganic things

- Computer science

- Seismology (plate structure, earthquakes, tectonics, continental drift, structure of volcanoes)

- Anthropology of non-industrialized civilizations

- Early writing systems

- Historical linguistics

- Business, management, marketing, accounting

- TV/radio as mass communication

- Social behavior of groups, community dynamics, communal behavior

- Child development

- Education

- Modern history
(including the history of urbanization and industrialization and their economic and social effects)