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iBT TOEFL Reading Practices: Basic Level

The following links are downloadable TOEFL reading PDF files containing TOEFL reading practices designed for basic level of English language knowledge. Each file includes a passage, related questions and answer key. You can download the files and print them if necessary, or read them in your monitor screen and answer to the questions on a sheet of paper, and check the right answers afterward. We recommend you to keep the files and your answer sheet to review your errors after a while to avoid the same mistake in the real TOEFL test

We add more new TOEFL reading practices every week; so stay tuned with us

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TOEFL Reading Practice 1    A passage about chemistry with 5 questions about vocabulary skills    ETS TOEFL

TOEFL Reading Practice 2   A  medical  passage  with  5 questions focused on vocabulary skills    ETS TOEFL

TOEFL Reading Practice 3   A passage  about  geography of plants with 5 vocabulary questions    ETS TOEFL

TOEFL Reading Practice 4   A passage of literature, 4 paragraphs, and 9 vocabulary questions     ETS TOEFL